Some of my friends prefer to buy discontinued Corelle patterns or vintage sets from Corelle Outlet Stores. I personally prefer the newer designs aka Post World Kitchen. This is because I host a lot of luncheons and dinner parties. And there is nothing like a new set of Corelle to make the same extra special. Below are a few things I have learned from years of searching outlet stores.


Start With Online Corelle Outlet Stores

This is because it is so easy to find Corelle online. In fact it won’t take you 5 minutes to get a complete list of ALL outlet stores. I usually start with the ones nearest me. And then gradually inspect out of state stores. Since I am looking for new sets I don’t really have trouble finding what I want.


Go To Wholesale Retail Outlets

For luncheons or dinners that involve dozens of guests, I like to have one motif set and then mix things up. Corelle is relatively affordable considering its design and durability but it is always a good thing to get a bargain. In my honest opinion online stores can give you solid bargains but wholesale physical outlets are the best for big buys. The problem is you want to get there as soon as the items become available on promo rate because other collectors are on the prowl. I personally try to build rapport with each Corelle representative and request that I get a ring or an email as soon as a big drop is about to be made.


Corelle Outlet Stores Shipping Costs

If like me you buy Corelle online then you always consider how much shipping will be. At the very least you need one that has insurance. This is because Corelle maybe durable on your hands but if shipped improperly you will get a few nicks, cracks, or in my case I got a totally ruined set once. Short of advertising my favorite shipper I always choose priority, with insurance. I also let the outlet representative provide ideas on who their best shipper is. This is because while I am confident that damaged items will be replaced or refunded I am not too fond of seeing ruined pieces, especially hard to find patterns that took me a few hours to track down.

Social Networking

I like to join Corelle outlet online memberships. I make it a point to start the membership with a secondary e-mail account. I only transfer the same to my primary Corelle email account after a couple of buys. Why do I do this? Well this is a simple tip I got from a fellow collector. The last thing you want is to get bombarded by annoying offers that you are not interested in. Some outlets are more “legitimate” in sending out email alerts while some have the dubious tendency to inundate you with online flyers. Oh, and as much as possible only give out your home number with actual outlets you have dealt with.


In Closing

If like me you are an avid Corelle collector or want to start your own collection then you should join social networking sites and blog communities that cater to collectors. This should get you addicted…rather started with Corelle. You can even schedule a meet or a Corelle zerg rush in a Corelle outlet store.


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